About us

Nós, mulheres da periferia (We, women from outskirts)  is a journalistic website that uses communication to tell the stories and opinions of black and peripheral women in Brazil.

Created in 2014, it is a website led by six women who are also black and peripheral. Our commitment is to offer another way of seeing events in Brazil and in the world and to contribute to the construction of a plural, anti-racist and anti-patriarchal society.

Throughout these seven years in activity, our goal has always been to democratize the public debate and bring it closer to the Brazilian reality, which has a population mainly made up of black women (27%).

Our journalism is non-partisan. We have no relationship with political parties, as we value autonomy in our content and the possibility of exercising critical and contextualized journalism, including pointing out the challenges and powers of governments in relation to women and the peripheries.

Our journalism is independent. We do not accept any type of editorial interference, whether by partners in content consortia or supporters and financiers. Our journalism is against any kind of discrimination based on race, class, gender, sexual orientation and age. And we follow a transparent editorial line with our readers, guided by values ​​such as ethics, reliability and independence.


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