About us

The collective We, women from the periphery consists of eight journalists and one designer, all living in the suburbs of São Paulo.

In 2012, some of the women who form the collective today article published in “Trends / Debates” section of the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo, paying attention to the invisibility and rights not met one of the women – who live in the suburbs of large metropolises.

The text had a great repercussion, being replicated in other media outlets, but still had more impact and eco found between our equal, other young or not so young women living on the outskirts of São Paulo who had felt represented, remembered and portrayed.

From that moment, it began a process of researching and consolidation of the collective, which was founded with the primary purpose of giving visibility to the rights of women not recognized, discuss about the prejudices and limiting stereotypes that intersect with issues of social class and ethnic group and show their stories.

Jéssica Moreira é de Perus, zona noroeste; Semayat Oliveira, ]é da Cidade Ademar, zona sul; Cíntia Gomes é do Jardim Ângela, zona sul; Bianca Pedrina, de Carapicuíba (Grande SP); Mayara Penina é do Campo Limpo, zona sul; Regiany Silva é de Cidade Tiradentes, zona leste; Lívia Lima é de Artur Alvim, zona leste.



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